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Covid-19 Procedures

Our Covid-19 Procedure Plan 


Racket Hall Hotel have implemented the following procedures in response to the Covid-19   




Ten point plan   


1. All our team have had Covid 19 induction training


2. Maintain our physical distance, social distancing policy is in place


3. Circular flow in the dining area to avoid congestion 


4. Cleaning carried out with hospital grade products


5. PPE in use by team members


6. Revised menu and ordering system in place for safe dining


7. Hand sanitizer stations available throughout the building


8. Updated cleaning and sanitization program in place for front of house and back of house areas


9. Dedicated bedroom check in location 


10. Rooms serviced on departure only to minimize contact during your stay  




Throughout the building we ask our guests to remember


  • Wash your hands and use sanitizer frequently
  • Maintain physical distancing at all times
  • Stay within your own family of household group Limit the size of your group ( ideally four persons)
  • Avoid the use of the lift it at all possible
  • Maintain cough / sneeze etiquette at all times
  • Smoking and vaping is not permitted in the building only in dedicated locations of the building
  • Clean and sanitize your phone and keys regularly
  • Please pay by card where possible and avoid cash payments
  • Please observe social distancing in the toilets , allow guests to exit prior to entering and use the disinfectant and sanitizer provided
  • Please act responsibly and stay at home if you display any symptoms   




Hotel staff have been provided personal protective equipment for their and guest safety and to protect from potential cross contamination  


  • Our housekeeping team have been equipped and trained in the all procedures
  • Front of house staff will wear the appropriate protective equipment
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located around the building and these stations will be maintained on a regular basis by a dedicated     team
  • Hospital grade sanitization products are used throughout the hotel
  • Guests will be encouraged to wash their hands or use sanitizer on a regular basis 




Dedicated teams have been appointed to clean and sanitize public areas on a regular intervals during the day ensuring all high traffic areas are  regularly attended 


  • Advanced cleaning programs and additional cleaning is in place in all our back of house areas
  • A rigorous hand hygiene program is in place and must be followed by all staff members
  • Disposable paper towels are in use in the public toilets    




Enhanced cleaning and sanitization program is in place in our guest bedrooms


  • Hospital grade sanitizer is used on telephones, tv remote controls, light switches and sockets, work top surfaces, door handles and locks, safes, taps, shower and baths, toilets and flushers
  • Glasses have been replaced by individually wrapped plastic glasses. all our tea and coffee stations are sterilized
  • Extra soft furnishings have been removed
  • Additional print material has been removed from the room
  • All housekeeping staff wear the appropriate protective clothing
  • To avoid additional contact in guest rooms, the room will serviced on departure only  (rooms can of course be serviced on request)
  • Additional items may be requested and will be placed in the room once the guest is away from the room 




For the safety of our staff and other hotel guests we would ask people not to travel if you have any of the following symptoms or if you fall into any of the high risk groups


When to avoid unnecessary journey. Self check list:-      


If you have been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus in the last fourteen days


If your temperature is  38 degrees or higher


If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms:


  •  Ongoing coughing
  •  Difficulty breathing
  •  Looking obviously unwell
  •  Confusion


If you have been overseas in the last fourteen days, you must self isolate and avoid all contact with others


Meetings & Events
Guest safety is paramount for all delegates attending meetings and events in the hotel.

Guests can rest assured that we operate the highest national standards in providing a safe environment to conduct business
Meeting rooms capacities have been recalculated downwards in line with government guidelines and social distancing.
Hand Sanitizer is available throughout the hotel  


Food and Beverage
When we reopen, all our food and beverage will be served in the ballroom where we have maintained a two meter distance between guests


We ask guests not to share tables with other guests that are not part of their traveling group


We ask guests to limit the number of guests dining together to four persons Families traveling with children will be assigned designated family tables


Guests are encouraged to pre book a dining time for breakfast , lunch and dinner


Capacity in the restaurant will be limited to maintain social distancing


Once guests vacate a table a reasonable amount of time will be allocated before the table being occupied again to allow a thorough clean and sterilization of the area


To allow for contract tracing a register of all diners will be kept 


Table service only is being offered for all meals and drinks and guests will be reminded that they stay seated for the duration of their meal


Maximum of 105 minutes will be allowed for dining in the restaurant as per government guidelines


The use of public toilets is to be avoided where possible  
These procedures will be constantly reviewed and amended according to government advice on the prevention of the transfer of the coronavirus. We are committed to playing our part in preventing the spread of Covid 19 and we ask our guests to do the same in following the HSE and Government advice regarding personal hygiene and Covid 19 procedures